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For further information, please refer to question 3 “What notice period must be observed?” under Questions and Answers

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Due to legal requirements, only persons over the age of 15 are permitted to change health insurance companies.

You will find your pension insurance number (Rentenversicherungsnummer) example "12 123456 M 123" on your social security card, salary statement or pension approval certificate.


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It is not mandatory to mention your telephone or mobile phone number. However, this information will help us reach you quickly in case of any queries.

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Details of study programme

Please indicate when the (current) semester for which you are enrolled starts.

The statutory compulsory insurance of a student terminates at the end of the semester in which the student reaches the age of 30. In exceptional cases, it is possible to extend the compulsory insurance.

Please upload a corresponding proof in step 3 of this application.

Your university is automatically informed about your insurance through the automatic notification procedure.

Details of benefits due

Before beginning their studies, students who are insured by a private health insurance can request to be exempted from the statutory compulsory health insurance. This is valid for the entire period of study and cannot be revoked.

If you have entitlement to aid/medical care, we require appropriate proof of this.

If you are studying in Germany temporarily and are a resident of a certain EU/EEA country, your foreign health insurance will continue to exist. However, the German legislation will apply as soon as you take up employment during your studies. We would be pleased to schedule a personal consultation to check the conditions under which a switch to statutory health insurance is possible.

Details of the student’s part-time job

If the employment is not fixed-term, please indicate an expected end date for it. For example, the date of the regular end of the study programme.

Details of the employer

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Your employer's company number is 8 digits and you can find this number on your employer's social security statement or on your contribution statement.

If the remuneration of further employment is more than 450,00€ per month, please indicate Yes.

Details of self-employment

If you are a shareholder or managing director, please send the AOK your shareholder agreement or proof of your managing director's salary as evidence.

Details of income

To be able to insure you appropriately, we require information on the amount in euros of your annual income from self-employment/freelance work. You can find this information in your current notice of income tax assessment. Please send a copy of this notice to your AOK.

Note: If you have little or no income, please indicate how you support yourself (e.g., parental support, support from partner, etc.) under other income

Details of sickness benefit

As a self-employed person or freelancer, you pay a reduced contribution rate and are not entitled to sickness benefit. If you want to insure yourself against loss of income, you can choose the statutory sickness benefit starting from the 7th week and pay the general contribution rate. You can find more information on sickness benefit at

If you choose a health insurance with entitlement to statutory sickness benefit, you can take out a sickness benefit optional tariff from AOK as an individual supplement. You can find information on optional tariffs at

Further details

If your monthly income is above EUR 5.550 (gross), we will insure you as a voluntary member. The gross amount of EUR 5.550 per month – EUR 66.600 Euro per year – is the statutory threshold for this. If you earn less than EUR 5.550 (gross) per month, you become a member covered by compulsory insurance.

In the following, please enter the details that apply at the time you start insurance with AOK NORDWEST. You will find this information on your notice of approval.

In the following, please enter the details that apply at the time you start insurance with AOK Nordost. You will find this information on your notice of approval.

Please enter the details below that are applicable at the time you started your insurance with AOK Nordost. You will find this information on your notification of approval. (Arbeitslosengeld II)

SEPA Mandate

If you would like to participate in direct debit, you will receive the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate form from AOK by post in the next few days. Alternatively, you can transfer your entire semester fee in advance to AOK itself. You will receive further details by post.

You will find your tax identification number (tax ID) on your last notice of tax assessment or on your last income tax card, for instance. The tax ID (example: 12345678901) is required so that the details of the health insurance contributions you have paid can be directly transferred to the competent tax office by AOK. Health insurance contributions are tax-deductible.

You can download the application for participation in the direct debit procedure (SEPA mandate) after completing this online application. Please sign it and send it to the AOK.

You can download the application for participation in the direct debit procedure (SEPA mandate) after completing this online application. Please sign it and send it to the AOK.

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If you would like your health and nursing care insurance contributions to be debited at a later date than from the start of the insurance, please enter a date here.

Details of the statutory nursing care insurance

We need to know whether you have children (even adopted or foster children) to be able to correctly calculate your contributions to nursing care insurance. As proof, we need a parental benefit certificate or birth certificate for instance.

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Insurance details

Please submit your relevant evidence of insurance periods to the AOK.

Note: You will find your insurance number on your current electronic health card (chip card).

Details of family insurance

If you have a partner or children who are to be insured as a family, the application for free family insurance will be sent to you separately.

Details of necessary certificates
File upload (optional)

You have the option of uploading the following documents directly. You are also welcome to send the documents by post to:

AOK Nordost - Die Gesundheitskasse
Sales and Service Management
Online Membership Declaration
14456 Potsdam

Details of data protection

Data protection notice

Details of data use

I agree that AOK Nordost or my competent AOK may store and use the contact details I have provided in order to inform and advise me about AOK benefits and news and to conduct opinion research, including by e-mail, telephone or SMS. This consent is voluntary and I can revoke it at any time. The data subject rights stated in the general information of the AOK Nordost apply.

Declaration of the person wishing to switch

I commission the sales partner to arrange membership of AOK Nordost. I declare my consent to AOK Nordost transmitting to the sales partner for billing purposes my identification data and the information as to whether and, if applicable, from when my membership with AOK Nordost has come into effect. This consent is voluntary and I can revoke it within 14 days with my "distribution partner".

Declaration of the Distributor
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